Every year on February 11th, we are reminded of the essential role that women and girls play in the field of science. This International Day of Women and Girls in Science brings a flurry of messages to our inboxes and social feeds, highlighting the invaluable contributions of female scientists. At DT-GEO, we cherish these contributions deeply. However, we believe that the recognition and celebration of female scientists should not be limited to a single day.

An Ongoing Commitment to Equality and Diversity

Understanding the importance of continuous acknowledgment, the DT-GEO Equality and Diversity Committee is taking a step further. Following the International Day of Women and Girls in Science, we are excited to announce the launch of a brief survey. This initiative invites you, our valued community, to share your stories and experiences with female scientific pioneers. We are looking to spotlight those whose work has not only advanced the field of geophysics and supercomputing but has also paved the way for future generations. Whether these pioneers are part of the DT-GEO project or shine in other areas, whether you’ve met them personally or have been inspired from afar, we want to hear from you.

Your Stories Matter

By participating in this survey, you’re not just sharing a story; you’re contributing to a larger narrative that celebrates and recognizes the critical role women play in science. These stories are not merely tales of individual achievement but are testaments to the collective progress we aim to foster within our community and beyond. They remind us that diversity in science not only enriches our research but also deepens our understanding of the world.

Join Us in This Initiative

In a month, we will be sharing your submissions and our collective calls to action on the DT-GEO official website. This is more than an invitation to contribute; it’s a call to join us in reinforcing our commitment to inclusivity and diversity in the scientific community. Your story could be the spark that inspires others, the recognition that empowers a future leader, or the acknowledgment that celebrates unsung heroes.

We warmly encourage you to share with us a story about a woman in science whose work has significantly impacted you or the field. Let’s ensure that the achievements of women in science are celebrated every day, not just once a year.

Share your story now and be a part of this pivotal movement towards a more inclusive and diverse scientific world.


Open position for a IT Specialist

DT-GEO looking for a graduate in Computer Science or Software Engineering to join the team in Barcelona. Take a look at the requirements and benefits and apply!

➡ Tasks to be performed:

· DevOps (FALL3D model).
· Containers (docker, singularity).
· Automatic deployment at EuroHPC machines.
· SaaS and SQAaaS (FALL3D model).
· Support in the implementation of workflows (using PyCOMMPSs).

➡ Requirements:

· Qualifications: Degree in Computer Science or degree in Software Engineering
· Knowledge of programming languages (Python, FORTRAN90, git).
· Knowledge of MPI and OpenACC.

Searching for a person with…
· A high level of initiative, organisation and teamwork skills.
· A high level of English.

➡ Benefits:

· DT-GEO support a phenomenal lifestyle and work-life balance with our flexible hours and flexible remote work policy.

· Excellent environment for continuous growth and learning with a dynamic and passionate team of professionals.

· You will work with a community of researchers, editors, and authors from around Europe.

Sounds like you or somebody you know? Apply on LinkedIn.