Leonardo, the world-class supercomputer inaugurated in Italy

After being listed among the four most powerful in the Top500, the Leonardo supercomputer, which will play a significant role in EU projects like DT-GEO, was inaugurated in Bologna (Italy) and will be operational from April 2023.

Italy looks to the future with the inauguration of the Leonardo supercomputer, the fourth most powerful in circulation in the Top500 on a global scale. Located in the Bologna outskirts, the supercomputer, capable of performing millions of billions of operations per second, was officially inaugurated at the Technopolo in the Emilia capital. With the inauguration of the Leonardo supercomputer, the European Euro HPC (High-Performance Computing) project enables the European Union to pool resources to strengthen the Community’s impact on digital transformation, scientific research and the economy.

The new supercomputer, capable of performing almost a billion operations per second, will be a leading European infrastructure for high-performance scientific computing and will make it possible to meet new research challenges also in the earth sciences and the development of services for a society based on the use of the latest generation of supercomputers. These include scientific assessments of seismic, volcanic and tidal events.

Such research is being developed within the framework of several European projects, including ChEESE (Centre of Excellence for Exascale in Solid Earth) for urgent computing services for early warning and risk assessment in the event of natural disasters, eFlows4HPC (Enabling dynamic and intelligent workflows in the future EuroHPC ecosystem), which aims to develop HPC procedures for an emergency response to disasters, Geo-INQUIRE, to monitor and model dynamic processes within the geosphere at new levels of spatial and temporal detail and accuracy, the new Centre for Computational Geosciences recently set up by INGV and funded under PNRR, and, of course, DT-GEO.

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