Understanding DT-GEO

The Project

A Digital Twin for GEOphysical extremes (DT-GEO) is a European project that aims to analyse and forecast the impact of tsunamis, earthquakes, volcanoes, and anthropogenic seismicity.

The project relies on the cooperative networks of 26 research institutions, building upon existing knowledge from other European projects and Centres of Excellence and pushing it forward.
Digital Twins

To achieve its goals, DT-GEO will build the components of a Digital Twin- virtual replica of physical systems that combine real-time data streams and high-fidelity models.

Digital twins are built on interactive digital platforms, which allow for continuous observation and simulation of supercomputing tasks to recreate present and future scenarios. DT-GEO capitalises on the outburst of supercomputing and technical capabilities to carry out advanced, real-time modelling and analysis for diagnostics and forecasting.

Local Impact in a Global Context
DT-GEO research will help address specific scientific questions and technical challenges related to hazard assessment, early warning forecast, or urgent computing.

The digital twins of the Earth system will be able to mimic with unrivaled precision the different system components: atmosphere, ocean, land and lithosphere.

DT-GEO will represent an unprecedented advance in the way we monitor and predict some natural hazards, which will translate into benefits for the communities affected by these phenomena.



Design and create a pre-operational prototype of a DT on geophysical extremes for its future integration into the Destination Earth initiative.



Apply 12 DTs Components addressing phenomena to conduct precise data-informed early warning systems, forecasts, and hazard assessments across multiple time scales.



Supply a flexible framework for EOSC-enabling and FAIR-validation of project assets and outcomes and its integration in the European Plate Observing System and HPC/virtual cloud computing Research Infrastructures. ​



Corroborate DT-GEO's results in operational environments at 13 Site Demonstrators of particular relevance located in Europe and beyond.​

A Collaborative Effort

Towards a European
Digital future

DT-GEO aims at being a first step of a long-term community effort towards a twin on geophysical extremes integrated in the Destination Earth (DestinE) initiative.

This ambitious European initiative plans to develop a high-precision digital model of the Earth with the purpose of mapping and anticipating climate-related events worldwide as accurately as possible.

As such, observational data collected by DT-GEO partners will be continuously integrated into DestinE Digital Twin to make the Earth model more accurate.